Casper Kombucha

pure and highly probiotic kombucha made with farm-direct tea from Nannuo Mountain in Yunnan Province

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It’s about the tea

Casper Kombucha is made in East Austin with farm-direct tea from Nannuo Mountain in Yunnan, China. The mountainous regions of Yunnan are home to the oldest tea trees in the world. The tea is harvested from feral, ecologically grown trees that are never watered, fertilized, or pruned in order to capture the natural terroir of the mountain. We brew our kombucha in small batches and strive to highlight the bright, pure flavor of our teas without adding fruit juice or additional sugars.

We make two bottled flavors: Our green label kombucha is made with raw black tea and the black label kombucha is made with shu pu’er tea. For a list of stores that carry Casper Kombucha in and around Austin click here.

Draft kombucha is on tap at Stouthaus, Juniper, and the SFC Farmer’s Market Downtown. The kombucha in our kegs is refermented with fresh local ingredients. Flavors we’ve made include: Fig leaf, Basil, Peach, Rosemary Lemon, and Strawberry.